Buying A Gaming Mouse – Everything You Need To Know

Buying the right gaming mouse takes a lot more than just buying any other mouse. There have been significant developments in the gaming world that made choosing gaming mice tricky. You need to look at things like the microprocessors, gyroscopes, shape, and stuff like the fingerprint sensor. Choosing the right gaming mouse from a list of cheap gaming mouse should be a matter of personal preferences and its suitability to your gaming style. That said, here are some important features to consider when buying a gaming mouse.

Sensor type

When looking for a gaming mouse, you probably aSxcaADxaDShave to choose between two sensor types, laser and optical. Technically, these two types use optical sensors only that laser mice uses a laser for illumination purposes. Optical mice are quite sensitive only that their sensitivity depends on the surfaces you use them on. On the other hand, the laser type is perfect for different surfaces and has the best tracking accuracy.


The DPI or dots-per-inch is a good indicator of the sensitivity of the mouse. As a tip, sensitivity should not be confused for accuracy. However, a gaming mouse with a high DPI should track better than one with a lower value. As such, if you require high sensitivity, a gaming mouse with more than 1000DPI should be enough.

Polling rate

The polling rate describes the number of time the sensor picks up its position per second. Ideally, this is a measure of how the mouse is responsive to movements and clicks. It could also be used to describe the latency of the mouse those the difference between these two features is not often noticeable.


dzsdxcscSDcThis has all to do with the design of the mouse. It looks at the design of the mouse and other variables like the layout of the buttons. Ideally, ergonomics are normally considered a matter of personal preferences, as different gamers prefer different designs depending on variables like the size of their hand and the game they play.

Gaming mice, like any other gaming accessories, are required to improve the players gaming experience. Considering that different video games have different demands, it is imperative to ensure that the mouse chosen will give you a competitive edge. Understanding the features discussed here and comparing them with your gaming requirements will ensure you enjoy playing and make you compete favorably.